Visions of the Sea

by Chris Halo




This album is dedicated to my friends and family. I made this for free cuz this is my chill music that I want you to download and put on your iPod or on a cd just mellow out to it, ya know?



released October 14, 2012

Chris Halo, aka me, made the record. but i wanna give credit to everyone who ever had an influence on my life. Thank you to my Parents and grandparents, my brothers and sisters, all my wonderful aunts, uncles, and cousins! ex girlfriends-these songs are likely about you lol, new girlfriends, my musician friends, my friends from church, and even anyone who has ever tried to make life difficult for me, your an influence too! Fortunately, i live a blessed life in the twilight zone. but thanks again to you all! I love you all! this record is FOR YOU!




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Chris Halo Fullerton, California

Chris Halo is ME!

Most of my people know me as a sideman/session guitarist. However my true passion is artistry. Here's a peak of that iceburg.

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Track Name: Visions
Oh would you run, would ya?
if i decide to bring a gun to ya?
in the shape of my heart?
let ya blow, bang, to the beat.
I come apart on ya

That touch is soft and slow
when you walk in cuz
you know just where to go
Won't ya pull up the shade and let me out
cuz I'm feelin' much heat
I don't know what this about
Do you?

Oh I run, I run
every time I hear those voices
I run to you
to your love I need
that type on the screen
For love, I run

Oh would ya come for me
if i decide to bring the sun to ya?
Lift the shade up off your eyes
till the breaking of dawn
I feel alive. don't you?

Oh i run
Every time I hear your call
I feel your soul
Oh this paradise of birds on my ceiling
Sunshine and the wind in your hair
blowin visions away like sand
Then I'm all alone in my own room
in my own hand
Track Name: Lip and Rhythm
Got a whole lotta mouth to feed
while the iron's still hot
Just take a bit of soul from me
You can do what ever you like

Quite a bit of lip and rhythm too
I wonder why it's so hard
If love ain't got a thing to do (with it)
then why ya suddenly hold on?

Soon, coming soon
there'll be a day when I'm all over you
Oh what a fool that i was to ever fall for you

Soon, coming soon
there'll be a day that I get over you
Oh what a fool that i was to ever fall for you

Got a whole lotta mouth to feed
while the iron's still hot
You make my life a misery
doin' whatever you like
Track Name: Isle Love
You always wanted something more
something more from an island boy
I could never figure it out because

No one ever said to me
how much you really meant to me
and now i gotta figure it out alone

Left you stranded when i pushed you away
Sometimes it felt better that way
but you always came back

Till one day i pushed you too hard
not sure if you could swim that far
Never saw your face again

She hears my calls at night
I howl by the shallow waters
Old visions sift like sands of
times you get so caught up

Your voicemail rings so sweet
sometimes i just can't bear
Our love don't need response
Memory carries on somewhere
Track Name: Midnite Oil
She'll always come to me
and ill be waiting
Bold little look in her eyes
that watch me waiting

Never does it come to mind
the open door it leaves behind
I'll need her love by my side
later on around midnight

Smooth as silk and cool as ice
I'm so faded
Cold as death and dark inside
Old and jaded

This area is reserved for love
Your arms and words
they feel so kind

Later on we'll open up
but i can't receive you
till the clock strikes midnight

I'm never out of reach
from this hold you've got on me
Sweet seductive melody
Watch the door unlock
around midnight
Track Name: Ooh Hi
I wanna know where ya goin

Go right ahead if you wanna close your eyes
Go right ahead if you wanna say goodbye
I love you so and that aint no lie
but when you leave me it just make me wanna cry

Girl, you complete me if i really must say
I felt divided when I found out today
the shuttle's coming for to take you away
I need your loving so i wanna know where ya goin